Our Vision “Enhancing the Lives of Youth Throughout Asia Pacific” Get involved with SOS by volunteering, making a donation or purchasing sporting goods

Our Vision “Enhancing the Lives of Youth Throughout Asia Pacific” Get involved with SOS by volunteering, making a donation or purchasing sporting goods


 We have three different types of Volunteer Packages Available for 2014:  


CAMBODIA - ORPHANAGE:  $1799  15 Day Package  

21 Nov - 6 Dec 2014 - Other dates available on request


Possibly the cheapest place to visit in the world, this is the land of $4 main meals at the nicest restaurants and a beer will cost you 75 cents...crazy I know. It is really cheap for New Zealand and Australian travellers but thousands of Khmer locals cannot afford to feed themselves let alone their families. This Volunteer Adventure requires participants to put their energy & enthusiasm into providing a helping hand at some of Siem Reap’s most important centres for children.  Whilst each Volunteer role varies, you can expect to fill your time with essential tasks such as:

  • Assist in teaching classes to children
  • Helping with student homework
  • Assisting teachers in their lesson plans
  • Assisting teachers in teaching English classes to the children
  • General maintenance and cleaning of the school
  • Teaching a class on your own
  • Organising and playing games with the children during their breaks
  • Teaching Basic Health & Dental Hygiene Techniques. • Cooking meals for hungry mouths (Learn how to cook Authentic Cambodian Meals in the Process!) and most importantly;
  • Spending time playing games & participating in fun activities with the children.

Package Includes:

  • Placement t-shirts
  • Return Economy Airfares
  • Airport Meet and Greet
  • Arrival Airport Transfer
  • 15 nights Accommodation
  • Tuk Tuks every day of your volunteer adventure
  • Hot breakfast every day + dinner at a restaurant Mon- Fri • Donation to placement
  • Provision of phones (one per room)
  • Orientation Session
  • Handbooks
  • Fully Chaperoned tours to markets and shopping etc
  • 24/7 Unleashed Crew
  • Accommodation that offers air conditioned rooms, pool, free wi-fi, free computer use, 24/7 security

Testimonial:  Kristie 17 Cambodia 2013:  It made me really realise what’s important in life and what I want to do with myself in the future. I’m going to miss the kids, but I know I will see them again for sure.





22nd Nov to 6th Dec - Other dates available on request  


At SOS we’ve decided to introduce a charitable option where you can spend two weeks volunteering at an elephant sanctuary in rural Thailand.

Located in Tha Thum, the most northern district of the Surin Province, you’ll be staying with the village elder and his family and bunking in with other like-minded volunteers. By day, you’ll be involved in helping to maintain and plant crops to feed the local elephants, washing them at the river and offering support to local communities.

With approximately 250 elephants believed to be living in the Tha Thum region, this package suits the traveller who is passionate about animal welfare and helping people less fortunate than themselves. And as you’ll be living and breathing as a local during your stint, volunteers will leave the land of Thai having experienced Surin and its people from the inside.

Each day will be completely different to others, but you can generally get involved in cleaning the elephant compounds, grass planting and watering, showering and scrubbing the elephants and learning how to effectively control the elephants is also very important!

The mahouts also love it when you can help them to learn English! By learning English, the mahouts have a greater chance of employment and therefore, a greater chance of a better wage. Their families will also love spending time with you and may ask you for dinner at their home, which is always a fun evening!


Package Inclusions

  • Placement t-shirts
  • Return economy airfares
  • Airport meet and greet
  • Arrival airport transfer
  • 15 days Accommodation
  • All meals whilst in Tha Thum on project

Testimonial:  Jason, 22, Thailand 2013.  What an experience! Really gave me a different outlook on life. I will definitely be going back regularly! This trip totally changed my life and gave me friends to remember for life!


THAILAND RENOVATION  $1799 15 Day Package 

22nd Nov to 6th Dec - Other dates available on request 


It’s the trip of a lifetime for those game enough to make a real difference to a poverty stricken town. Unleashed will fly you and like-minded volunteers to a tiny village in Thailand for a two week stint where you will help renovate buildings and facilities for a local community in dire need.

Sangkhlaburi is a small town situated on the Burmese border, approximately five hours Northwest of Bangkok and is part of the province of Kanchanburi, Thailand. It’s here, amidst the picturesque landscape, quiet river and peaceful people that you will continue building a home for local refuge children. While volunteers began construction in January 2012, you will personally bring these kids one step closer to ensuring they have a new and safe place to live.

But it’s not all work and no play. In your down time you can
go kayaking along the river, jungle trekking or even walk the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. Bounded by boards and branches, the rickety bridge is held together with dull nails and is a main attraction for this sleepy town. At night, explore the traditional restaurants, mini markets or share a drink with a local at the town’s one bar.

This package is ideal for the traveller yearning for that out
of body experience. Sangkhlaburi and its people, in all their poverty, will leave you with a sense of satisfaction, appreciation and a life-long memory.


Package Inclusion 

  • Placement t-shirts
  • Return economy airfares
  • Airport meet and greet
  • Arrival pick-up and transfer
  • 15 days twin share accommodation
  • Two nights in Bangkok on arrival including breakfast
  • Transfer from Bangkok to the project location
  • Assistance from local co-ordination
Testimonial:  Elena, 18, Thailand 2013 was life changing! I met so many new people and learned so much about myself and how different my life could’ve been. Helping others has now become my addiction!  




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