Our Vision “Enhancing the Lives of Youth Throughout Asia Pacific” Get involved with SOS by volunteering, making a donation or purchasing sporting goods

Our Vision “Enhancing the Lives of Youth Throughout Asia Pacific” Get involved with SOS by volunteering, making a donation or purchasing sporting goods


Children who grow up with limited resources can face enormous challenges, and this was the inspiration for Spirit of Sharing - SOS.  We have bought together a wide range of projects, which committed volunteers deliver in a number of communities in the South Pacific.

Here are some of the initiatives SOS has taken part in...

2010 - 2012:
Spirit of Sharing funded and built a 40-bed school dormitory at Buca Levu Secondary School on the Fijian island of Taveuni.

There was an urgent need for this dormitory, as only primary education is on offer on most of the outer islands surrounding Taveuni. Therefore, the provision of boarding facilities allowed students from outlying communities to gain a secondary education.  

This was achieved in 2010 at the cost of $A83,000.

As well, SOS had previously provided a range of sporting materials to the schools of Tavenui. Since then, the range of donated products has widened to include medical equipment, books, writing materials, computers and educational furniture, as well as  toys and swimming aids.

In its first year, SOS raised round $5,000 with the help of Rotary International. Currently, more than $A100,000 is raised each year for educational and other projects. This figure does not include valuable donations-in-kind, which are always welcome.

SOS worked tirelessly to bring Australia’s first Cultural Exchange to the islands of Fiji, a project that took more than 18 months to arrange. More than 5000 Fijian & Australian school children & school leavers got together to celebrate each others’ cultures. This exchange showcased song, dance, food & sport.

At the conclusion of the 2013 event, each of the 80 Fijian schools and 40 sports and youth clubs which participated received $1000FJD worth of brand new sporting equipment. This made a positive contribution to more than 20,000 young people in Fiji, and was made possible by the generosity of 3000 Australian school leavers, sponsors, and an active group of volunteers.

Our goal in 2014 was to connect with 100 different schools, youth/sports clubs in Fiji and Vanuatu with offers of sporting equipment. We are pleased to announce that we met that goal, and those schools and club are today enjoying the benefit.

As well SOS began plans and fundraising for a multi-sport facility to be built at Koroipita, Lautoka, Fiji. This sports precinct will host netball, volleyball, tennis and basketball. An upgraded sports ground will be used for soccer and rugby.

Work on the Koroipita facility will take place, with the support of key partners, Model Towns Charitable Trust; Rosie Holidays; and Collette Vacations, New Jersey USA. Completion is expected in 2016.

The goal in this period is to ship a 20 Foot container of donated and purchased sports gear to Fiji for distribution to schools, youth and sports clubs.

The Cultural Exchange program will again be conducted in conjunction with the Fijian Government’s Ministry of Youth and Sport, at the new location of Nadi Sangam College. It is expected that more than 3,000 young people from Fijia and Australia will participate.

SOS would welcome your help.
You can become a member, donate sports equipment, make a donation or purchase any of our SOS Sport equipment. Your skills would be greatly appreciated and can be utilised in donations-in-kind. Even better you can join us on one of our volunteering  trips.

SOS - providing you with a practical way to make a positive contribution to the communities of the Asia- Pacific region.


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